Mistress is a rather wide category and I’m not the type of woman to fit into any specific category. As I’m sure you will come to find out! Those that have had the pleasure of meeting Me in person are very well aware that I am very unique and insatiable.

What you will experience from Me is a dominant and submissive relationship like nothing you have ever read or experienced. Some have said that I am very devious and intense (in a good way of course . . . “that look and laugh will drive me over the edge”), while others have said that I am overwhelming and seductive (the “don’t touch me anymore or I’ll explode” kind). I will touch all of your senses that you never knew existed and trust Me . . . I will find them! You see . . . I am a Sensual Domme and provide more pleasure than pain. Don’t get Me wrong, I do enjoy dishing out a good spanking and oh how I love to make naughty little boy’s squirm!


I will work My way into your mind and cause a need so real you cannot deny Me of My pleasure. What was once a craving or a curiosity that you may have had for Me will develop into an addiction, not just for Me, but the desire you will have to experience My mind blowing touch. You will feel an utter emptiness when you try to deny yourself of Me! But, why would you deny yourself this true pleasure?

When you experience all of Me on a mental and physical level, our connection will be deeper than anything you will ever experience with anyone else. With Me you are allowed the freedom to develop into what you have always desired to be in truth. Because you feel comfortable with My presence and trust Me with all of your desires. Honesty and communication are a huge part of the journey we will take together. And Oh, What a glorious journey it will be!

You will feel comfortable in telling Me your deepest and darkest desires, no matter what they may be. I am very open minded and will never judge you or what you may fantasize about. Who know’s, we may have the same desires!

It’s okay to have fears, we all do darling! You just need a loving and caring Mistress that can slowly take you to the places that you have only dreamed about. Don’t worry darling, I will be here to help you with those fears no matter how long it takes.